Apocalypse Animated Lenticular Cards


Ten ApocalypseAnimated.com lenticular cards let you hold the End of the World in your hands.

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ApocalypseAnimated Lenticular Cards Crowdfunder Video from Nina Paley on Vimeo.

Ten animated lenticular cards let you hold the End of the World in your hands.

The Apocalypse is The Book of Revelation, the last book of the Christian Bible, which predicts the end of the world in almost psychedelic language. I created nearly 300 animated loops to accompany the full text of the King James Version, which you can view online for free at ApocalypseAnimated.com

Lenticular cards let you hold a bit of animation in your hands. Tiny parallel lenses on the cards store multiple frames — usually 8, sometimes more or less — which “play” when you tilt the card vertically. The complete set of ten, 5” x 7” cards includes:

  1. The heavenly Throne from Revelation 4
  2. The Lamb (with 7 horns and 7 eyes) from Revelation 5
  3. The Four Horsemen from Revelation 6
  4. The stinging Locusts from Revelation 9
  5. The Woman and the Dragon from Revelation 12
  6. The Earth Beast from Revelation 13
  7. The Number of the Beast from Revelation 13
  8. The Temple from Revelation 15 & 16
  9. The Whore of Babylon from Revelation 17
  10. The Tree of Life from Revelation 22


The cards are packaged in a re-useable plastic envelope with a hook-end-eye closure.

Autographed sets include my hand-signature on the title card, and an embossed gold seal with the Alpha and Omega symbol.

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